WCAG Studios

We are web accessibility specialists who take personal joy in bringing your website and staff up to speed with the accessible web.


Our trainings take a holistic approach to digital accessibility. They're personalized for your business and structured to build a solid foundation of laws and guidelines governing accessibility.

Onsite/Offsite Support

Plug a certified accessibility consultant into your team or receive support via email and phone. Services include assistance with remediation of existing sites and documents (PDF, Word, Powerpoint), creation of new content, and instilling best practices into your workflow to ensure sustained compliance with the law.


Evaluate your website for compliance and let us walk you through the options that work best for your business. Reports are broken down to explain violations in simple terms and determine solutions for each violation.

Stay Compliant

We periodically monitor your digital properties for accessibility violations and alert you as soon as we detect a drop in compliance.

Accessibility Resources

We set you up with checklists for the design, QA, and development process. Our experts guide you through the industry leading tools, extensions, and resources to help you stay compliant with the law.